Use software for effortless recruitment

Use software for effortless recruitment

It is important for organization to have thorough recruitment and selection process as employees are the most important resources of any business. The responsibility for recruitment lies with the HR Department. If you are the HR Manager of the company say goodbye to those manual methods of calculations for payroll. The cost of employing new candidate, setting up of staffing department will be reduced if you use the recruitment software, and the revenue of the company will be decreased.

Our company Recruitment Software Online provides reliable, efficient and quality solution for recruitment. The essence of recruitment software is increasing day by day as it makes it easier to hire employees. For managing your recruitment processes online these recruitment solutions are completely safe and efficient. To provide best service to recruitment agencies our experts have all the required knowledge. We aim to provide optimum recruitment solution online as per business requirements of the company.

For your recruitment needs our software provide easy to use features and the process becomes effortless. Recruit So Simple has developed software which has made cost effective recruitment process and provide services like Web Based, Task & Calendar, Email & SMS, Tags & Groups, Intelligent Searching, CV Parsing, Website Integration, Management Tools, Social Media, Reporting Job Boards and Automation.  Your business will run effectively with services like Website Design Email hosting.

You can access the staffing software anytime and from anywhere with the help of an internet and web browser through web base feature. You can track all the relevant emails and SMS as a backup for future reference through Email and SMS feature. Search the right candidate for the right job at no time. Task and calendar helps you perform the entire task on time by reminder setting. Keep track of all the candidates through management tools.

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