Staffing software is a type of business software solution for staffing agencies. Staffing software is composed of an applicant tracking system and job posting, Human Resource Management and different accounting functions. Most of the staffing software are applications which are front-office based and are used for the management of people who have been assigned temporary works.


With a help of suitable staffing software, the appropriate candidate can be selected and sent to the client. Some of the benefits of a staffing software are-

  • Provides wings to the efficiency levels of the agency

Every staffing software reduces the time taken by matching the candidate with the client very swiftly and efficiency which helps in tracking the progress of the candidate, all the information about the job and other valuable items.

  • Promotes automation

Staffing software reduces the workload by automating the data entry ensuring the correct fill up of all the fields. The progress made can also be tracked with reliable reporting without any worries about incorrect sheets or fraud.

You can also make better decisions regarding placement on the basis of information provided to you.

  • Improve the mechanism of recruitment

A staffing software keeps the user up to date with all the current information and data that can assist you in making the correct decisions for the clients.

  • Increase in speed of hiring process

It is necessary to keep up with time otherwise competitors can grab the opportunities to hire your candidate. The staffing software makes it possible to source candidate efficiency.


In today competitive world, it has become necessary to automate the recruitment process through the help of Staffing software. Recruitment Software Online is the leading name in developing staffing software.

Staffing agencies needs integrated staffing software which we provide to them with the best features developed by using latest technologies.

We at, Recruitment Software Online provide you with the right staffing software to increase the efficiency and reliability of the entire recruitment process.



Applicant tracking software – Great relief for Recruiters

The basic feature of Applicant tracking software that it is used to post job openings on corporate websites or job portal, screen resumes and provide interview requests via email to potential candidates. Employers can identify and hire the perfect candidate by implementing Applicant tracking software. Thorough recruitment and selection process is very essential as employees are the most important resource of any company.

Applicant tracking software enables the electronic handling of recruitment needs and if you submit your resume through an ATS it stores your resume and an entry in database. The recruiters then search for keywords for particular job opening. The benefits of applicant tracking software are:

  • Its major function is data mining and collection.
  • It has the ability to automate the recruitment process via a defined workflow.
  • It reduces the recruitment related cost and hence improves your cost per hire.
  • Reduce the paper work within the recruitment process and improve overall efficiencies.
  • It enables the candidates to communicate with top job search sites.
  • Applicant tracking systems can attract more skilled candidates than manual processes as it can often tap into a larger candidate pools.
  • The system goes through all the candidate once applications and resumes have been submitted, information based on certain keywords and specified criteria it pulls only the most qualified candidates to the forefront.

So, in order to manage the recruitment process the essence of applicant tracking software is increasing day by day. Recruitment Software Online is the leading provider of recruitment systems that are essential for recruitment agencies to manage varied applications. Simply contact us as we provide reliable, efficient and quality solution for recruitment needs of your business. We aim to improve our products to handle staffing process.

Use software for effortless recruitment

Use software for effortless recruitment

It is important for organization to have thorough recruitment and selection process as employees are the most important resources of any business. The responsibility for recruitment lies with the HR Department. If you are the HR Manager of the company say goodbye to those manual methods of calculations for payroll. The cost of employing new candidate, setting up of staffing department will be reduced if you use the recruitment software, and the revenue of the company will be decreased.

Our company Recruitment Software Online provides reliable, efficient and quality solution for recruitment. The essence of recruitment software is increasing day by day as it makes it easier to hire employees. For managing your recruitment processes online these recruitment solutions are completely safe and efficient. To provide best service to recruitment agencies our experts have all the required knowledge. We aim to provide optimum recruitment solution online as per business requirements of the company.

For your recruitment needs our software provide easy to use features and the process becomes effortless. Recruit So Simple has developed software which has made cost effective recruitment process and provide services like Web Based, Task & Calendar, Email & SMS, Tags & Groups, Intelligent Searching, CV Parsing, Website Integration, Management Tools, Social Media, Reporting Job Boards and Automation.  Your business will run effectively with services like Website Design Email hosting.

You can access the staffing software anytime and from anywhere with the help of an internet and web browser through web base feature. You can track all the relevant emails and SMS as a backup for future reference through Email and SMS feature. Search the right candidate for the right job at no time. Task and calendar helps you perform the entire task on time by reminder setting. Keep track of all the candidates through management tools.

Software which makes your recruitment process effortless

Software which makes your recruitment process effortless

Today when every single business activity is done using Software, why not recruit people with the help of one? To make the recruitment process easy different companies have come up with new recruitment software. “Recruit So Simple” is one of the companies which have developed an easy to understand software to make your recruitment process cost effective. Its recruitment software is amazing which enables you to perform all the activities related to recruitment from one platform.

“Recruit So Simple” has developed software which provides services like Web Based, Task & Calendar, Email & SMS, Tags & Groups, Intelligent Searching, CV Parsing, Website Integration, Management Tools, Social Media, Reporting Job Boards and Automation. It also provides additional services like Website Design, Email Hosting and regularly posts articles on recruitment software and how it will help your business run effectively.

Web Based feature allows you to access the staffing software anytime and from anywhere with the help of an internet and web browser. It is as fast as the speed of light, reliable and secure. Email & SMS feature will help you track all the relevant emails and SMS as a blind carbon copy sent to Recruit So Simple will be saved as a backup for future reference. Intelligent Searching helps you save time in search of right candidate of the right job, as it is done automatically by the software and helps you search the right information at no time.

Tag & Group allows you to segregate the important clients, customers and contacts to perform group actions. Tags can be given to the relevant content to make it easy to search in future. CV Parsing saves your time by automatically analyzing the CVs of candidates and gives tags for future reference. Website Integration helps you integrate the existing website. Task & Calendar enables to set reminders and helps you perform all the tasks on time. Management Tools helps in keeping track of all the candidates.

Social Media feature makes it easier to share jobs and track the visitors on social networking sites. Reporting feature enables you to analyze the performance of business by providing every single detail. Job Boards helps to post job vacancies in multiple sites at one go, import the right information of right candidate and review it automatically, which is also known as applicant tracking system.

Overall Recruit So Simple is trying to make your applicant tracking system and staffing process less hectic as compared to traditional method. Moreover, if a business will use recruitment software instead of setting up a staffing department then it will reduce the cost of employing new candidate, additional expenditure of setting up of staffing department which will further result in increase in revenue of the company.

Improve Your Recruitment Way with the Web-based Recruitment Software

Do you want to sort out the tedious recruitment process? If answer is yes, then it is the time for you to change and use the recruitment software that offers you a wide array of benefits. The software is specifically designed to meet the recruitment needs of the companies and the HR. if you are the HR manager of the company and all the day you have to do lot of calculations for payroll and other extra expenses, then it is the time to say good bye to those manual method and use the fully automated recruitment software.

The online recruitment software is ready to solve all your recruitment needs right form the job posting to the recruitment and training. Not only this, you can also keep the track of the performance of the employees and work on for the future improvements.

There were the days when the recruiters used to avoid the holidays, as they felt that this vacation might hamper their work. But, now recruiters are enjoying their lives and they can go to a long trip and this is all possible due to the recruitment software.

Online recruitment software offers you an opportunity to work from anywhere. Now you do not require being at office. You can do your work form any where. So, if you are enjoying a vacation in Paris or you are in New York, you can handle your all work comfortably from there. Through online recruitment software you can easily post the job on various job portals and you can directly receive the responses in your mailbox. Is not is convenience?

Moreover, you can schedule interviews, or the resumes, parse the resumes, send SMS and even track the interviews. All thanks to recruitment software that now you can imagine a hassle free and faster recruitment process.

Enhance The Way Of Recruitment With Applicant Tracking Software

ATS or the application tracking is a computer software application which assists an organization’s management in various tasks and more importantly in staffing. It enables the companies to track the application and help them to select and recruit the right candidate in less time.

ATS stores the various important information like hiring of workers, applicants detail, resumes and a track of communication with the candidates. ATS allows the recruiters to store and sort the information as per their need. You can search the candidates using keywords and specific skills. The ATS can give you fast result. In addition to searching it can also parse your resume which is the important task for the recruiters.

The popularity of job portals and the social media has increased and it has now become one of the widely used platform by the candidates for the job search. If you post your job on any of the popular job portals you are likely to get many responses for your vacancy. It can be a tedious task for the person who is working in the HR department to sort out the resume and select the candidates according to the desired profile and need. Here the application of ATS can be crucial and vital. ATS can easily filter these resumes and sort it according to the keyword you specify.

ATS can also help you to store and organize the resume at one place in the database and whenever you require you can find it within a fraction of second. It can make you work paperless as all the information that you need is stored in the software and you can retrieve it according to your need and convenient.

ATS can easily streamline you entire recruitment process and can offer you efficient and hassle free recruitment experience which enables you to hire the most suitable candidates in quick time. The ATS also helps you to track the performance of the employees that is vital to make any important decisions for their skill development, training, promotion and many more.

Let us consider some of the key feature and advantages that ATS offers:

  • It can quickly search through the wide pool of resumes and can give you the most desired candidate.
  • It can mange the resumes
  • It helps you to track the ongoing recruitment process
  • It can search and rank the resumes using various criteria and keywords
  • It saves money and time.
  • It automates the recruitment process and makes it paperless.

With all these benefits it has now become a must have software for all the recruiters and the organizations too.

Recruitment Agency Software: Boon for the Recruitment Agency

We all are living in the fast pace world where the technology always plays a vital role in every field. We take help of technology in every field and recruitment is not an exceptional area. The application of technology has completely changed the old recruitment process. Now the introduction of latest Recruitment Agency Software helps the recruitment agency to perform their tasks with unimaginable speed.

Now let us see some Recruitment Agency Software boon for the recruitment agency:

  1. We all know that the HR is the most important department of any organization and needs to be managed efficiently as the employees are keys for the success of any organization. It is the responsibility of the HR to attract, hire and retain the talented candidates in the company. The Recruitment Agency Software computerizes the entire process of recruitment and saves the valuable times that can be utilized in other productive works.
  1. Recruitment Agency Software helps you to place your vacancy on various jobs boards and social networking sites for free. Once you post your vacancy online you can reach to the wider pool of candidates. Placing you ads online also ensures that the candidates applying for the jobs are computer literate.
  1. Recruitment Agency Software offers you ATS facility so that you can easily track the recruitment process and the candidates for the recruitment.
  1. With the Recruitment Agency Software it is quiet easy to search for the right candidates through large database. You can easily search through the applicants resumes in no time.
  1. The Recruitment Agency Software offers many tools like email, resume parsing, interview scheduling, screening and many more.
  1. The Recruitment Agency Software is quite easy to use. It has very interactive user interface and a person with little computer knowledge can easily operate it.

Importance of Online Recruitment Software in Modern Era

Recruitment is an ongoing and important process for any organization that helps the organization to achieve its goal in time. There are various forms of recruitment available but the objective is same to attract and recruit the best talent for the organization. The traditional method of recruitment is not useful in the modern time as it is slow and inefficient. In the modern time when we all are in rush and want everything on our fingertips, it is essential for the recruiters to keep pace with the modern technology and offer fast and efficient recruitment solution to clients that can replace the old and cumbersome recruitment process. There are many companies that offer web based recruitment using Online Recruitment Software and it offers many benefits to the clients, recruiters and candidates.

We can count the benefits of Online Recruitment Software as follows:

  • The online recruitment software is boon for the recruiters as it increases the efficiency and effectiveness. With the single software you can perform multiple tasks like job posting, interview scheduling, resume parsing, sorting and many more.
  • Online Recruitment Software helps to create a global presence over the internet and you can access the global pool of talents.
  • With help of Online Recruitment Software you can completely automate you recruitment process. There is no need to store each resume in file and search for the right candidate each time. With this software you just need to type the relative keyword and find the results in a fraction of seconds.
  • Many people fear from the software and they think it may be complicated but Online Recruitment Software is very simple to use with many quick shortcut key and user friendly interface. Anyone with little or no training can use this software easily.

So if you are looking for upgrade and increase your efficiency, it is right time to invest in Online Recruitment Software.