Software which makes your recruitment process effortless

Software which makes your recruitment process effortless

Today when every single business activity is done using Software, why not recruit people with the help of one? To make the recruitment process easy different companies have come up with new recruitment software. “Recruit So Simple” is one of the companies which have developed an easy to understand software to make your recruitment process cost effective. Its recruitment software is amazing which enables you to perform all the activities related to recruitment from one platform.

“Recruit So Simple” has developed software which provides services like Web Based, Task & Calendar, Email & SMS, Tags & Groups, Intelligent Searching, CV Parsing, Website Integration, Management Tools, Social Media, Reporting Job Boards and Automation. It also provides additional services like Website Design, Email Hosting and regularly posts articles on recruitment software and how it will help your business run effectively.

Web Based feature allows you to access the staffing software anytime and from anywhere with the help of an internet and web browser. It is as fast as the speed of light, reliable and secure. Email & SMS feature will help you track all the relevant emails and SMS as a blind carbon copy sent to Recruit So Simple will be saved as a backup for future reference. Intelligent Searching helps you save time in search of right candidate of the right job, as it is done automatically by the software and helps you search the right information at no time.

Tag & Group allows you to segregate the important clients, customers and contacts to perform group actions. Tags can be given to the relevant content to make it easy to search in future. CV Parsing saves your time by automatically analyzing the CVs of candidates and gives tags for future reference. Website Integration helps you integrate the existing website. Task & Calendar enables to set reminders and helps you perform all the tasks on time. Management Tools helps in keeping track of all the candidates.

Social Media feature makes it easier to share jobs and track the visitors on social networking sites. Reporting feature enables you to analyze the performance of business by providing every single detail. Job Boards helps to post job vacancies in multiple sites at one go, import the right information of right candidate and review it automatically, which is also known as applicant tracking system.

Overall Recruit So Simple is trying to make your applicant tracking system and staffing process less hectic as compared to traditional method. Moreover, if a business will use recruitment software instead of setting up a staffing department then it will reduce the cost of employing new candidate, additional expenditure of setting up of staffing department which will further result in increase in revenue of the company.

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