Recruitment Software: Why Do You Trouble With It?

Recruitment software is tried and tested methods and used by many top recruiters now and many of them have achieved huge success using this software. But there are a few people who have different opinion; they feel that recruitment that recruitment software has not done any magic but it has rather make the recruitment more complicated.

I am sure that thousands of happy and satisfied customers who are using it and got benefit from it are not all wrong. The recruitment software is now widely used in many countries and if definitely decreases the workload of the user so they are using it. So why there is the group of few people who complaint about it. There many be several reason for it:

It’s not according to the need:

Some time we purchase the software without knowing our actual need. Before you buy any recruitment software access you need and define your requirement to the vendors so that they can offer you the software according to your need. If you organization is small you must go for the standalone system so that it is easy to implement and you can understand it in an easy way. Similarly a big organizations needs are different and they need software that can easily integrated with the old system.

High volume of responses:

As we know that the job we post through online recruitment software is placed globally and anyone who use using internet can see the posting and apply for the vacancy. There is the possibility that you receive high responses and if you are software is not capable to handle or store the large amount of responses then it can crash. There are some companies that offer application tracking facility so that you receive the resume according to the specific skills that you have mentioned.

Technology problem:

If your software offers a lengthy format of form that a candidates but fill but do not respond fast then a candidate may skip it do not apply. Why anybody will waste time on slow system that doesn’t give any result. One the other hand there are a pool of candidates who don’t wish to fill any online form for security reasons and they prefer to send resume. So your software should be quite fast and have both options available.

Complicated software:

If the software is too complicated then the user feels frustrated and would avoid using it. In that situation the software doesn’t offer the result the user looking for and they start complaining about the system.

So we can say that before you buy any recruitment software do analyze your need and buy software that is according to your requirement and easy to use.