Enhance The Way Of Recruitment With Applicant Tracking Software

ATS or the application tracking is a computer software application which assists an organization’s management in various tasks and more importantly in staffing. It enables the companies to track the application and help them to select and recruit the right candidate in less time.

ATS stores the various important information like hiring of workers, applicants detail, resumes and a track of communication with the candidates. ATS allows the recruiters to store and sort the information as per their need. You can search the candidates using keywords and specific skills. The ATS can give you fast result. In addition to searching it can also parse your resume which is the important task for the recruiters.

The popularity of job portals and the social media has increased and it has now become one of the widely used platform by the candidates for the job search. If you post your job on any of the popular job portals you are likely to get many responses for your vacancy. It can be a tedious task for the person who is working in the HR department to sort out the resume and select the candidates according to the desired profile and need. Here the application of ATS can be crucial and vital. ATS can easily filter these resumes and sort it according to the keyword you specify.

ATS can also help you to store and organize the resume at one place in the database and whenever you require you can find it within a fraction of second. It can make you work paperless as all the information that you need is stored in the software and you can retrieve it according to your need and convenient.

ATS can easily streamline you entire recruitment process and can offer you efficient and hassle free recruitment experience which enables you to hire the most suitable candidates in quick time. The ATS also helps you to track the performance of the employees that is vital to make any important decisions for their skill development, training, promotion and many more.

Let us consider some of the key feature and advantages that ATS offers:

  • It can quickly search through the wide pool of resumes and can give you the most desired candidate.
  • It can mange the resumes
  • It helps you to track the ongoing recruitment process
  • It can search and rank the resumes using various criteria and keywords
  • It saves money and time.
  • It automates the recruitment process and makes it paperless.

With all these benefits it has now become a must have software for all the recruiters and the organizations too.