Applicant tracking software – Great relief for Recruiters

The basic feature of Applicant tracking software that it is used to post job openings on corporate websites or job portal, screen resumes and provide interview requests via email to potential candidates. Employers can identify and hire the perfect candidate by implementing Applicant tracking software. Thorough recruitment and selection process is very essential as employees are the most important resource of any company.

Applicant tracking software enables the electronic handling of recruitment needs and if you submit your resume through an ATS it stores your resume and an entry in database. The recruiters then search for keywords for particular job opening. The benefits of applicant tracking software are:

  • Its major function is data mining and collection.
  • It has the ability to automate the recruitment process via a defined workflow.
  • It reduces the recruitment related cost and hence improves your cost per hire.
  • Reduce the paper work within the recruitment process and improve overall efficiencies.
  • It enables the candidates to communicate with top job search sites.
  • Applicant tracking systems can attract more skilled candidates than manual processes as it can often tap into a larger candidate pools.
  • The system goes through all the candidate once applications and resumes have been submitted, information based on certain keywords and specified criteria it pulls only the most qualified candidates to the forefront.

So, in order to manage the recruitment process the essence of applicant tracking software is increasing day by day. Recruitment Software Online is the leading provider of recruitment systems that are essential for recruitment agencies to manage varied applications. Simply contact us as we provide reliable, efficient and quality solution for recruitment needs of your business. We aim to improve our products to handle staffing process.